Configure WinTOTAL > Synchronization Options

Synchronization Options


Once Pocket TOTAL has been installed and registered, the program is designed to automatically merge data from your hand-held device with reports on your desktop. This function happens whenever you connect your Pocket PC to your desktop system. In the Configuration Options settings, you have the choice of synchronizing automatically whenever you connect, or to only synchronize when you tell it to. To change your synchronization settings…

  1. From the Pocket section of WinTOTAL Configuration Utility, click Synchronization Options in the Pocket pane on the left side of the screen.
  2. Mark the option you’d prefer to use with Pocket TOTAL.  Options are:
    • Automatically synchronize WinTOTAL and Pocket TOTAL when you connect your Pocket PC
    • Manually synchronize WinTOTAL and Pocket TOTAL by clicking Pocket Sync in the Appraisal Desktop.
    • In addition, WinTOTAL can help you maximize the storage space on your Pocket PC by deleting files from Pocket TOTAL whenever you delete the corresponding file in the Appraisal Desktop’s Synchronize folder. To enable this handy feature, click the Always delete… check box on this screen.

  3. Click Save when finished to put your configuration changes into effect.