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Set Up Your Office


WinTOTAL uses information about your office and its location to do a variety of things for you.  Using your office’s address information, WinTOTAL can retrieve directions to each property from your office and place those into the order.  When invoicing, WinTOTAL uses your office contact information to help you fill out your invoice.  Between these and other functions in WinTOTAL, it’s imperative that you give WinTOTAL accurate information about your office to ensure a smooth experience throughout each report.  To set up your office information…

  1. In WinTOTAL, click Options, Office Settings from the menus.
  2. Edit the information in any or all of the fields. For the Federal Tax ID and Employee ID fields, you have the option of having that information automatically transferred to your invoice forms. Check the box for either item to enable this feature.
  3. If you want to integrate WinTOTAL with your XSite, you can do so here as well.  Click Edit at the bottom of the screen, fill out your XSite login information, check the Save Password box for convenience, and then click OK to save your XSite information.
  4. When you’ve completed your changes, click OK to save them.