Set Report Status


WinTOTAL’s status management tools can be a great way to track your office turnaround times, generate a snapshot of your current workload, and even organize your files.  But when you couple WinTOTAL’s internal status management tools with your XSite, they become a proactive status message tool you can use to keep your clients up to date about the status of their orders without also tying up your time in lengthy phone calls.  To use WinTOTAL’s status tools:

  1. In the Appraisal Desktop, click to select the report you wish to update.
  2. Depending on your preferred workflow, you then have two options.
    • Click the Add Internal Status button in the top toolbar.
    • Click the plus sign beside your selected report to open the Detailed View and then click the Add New link at the top of the internal status list.

      Add Internal Status

  3. When the Add Internal Status window appears, choose the desired internal status from the drop‑down list in the upper, right corner.  Depending on the status you select, more options may appear. For instance, if you choose Inspection Scheduled, additional fields appear where you can enter the date and time of the scheduled inspection.
  4. Type any comments you want to include with the status change in the Notes box.


      Note: If you’re using WinTOTAL’s status tools in conjunction with your XSite so that you can benefit from proactive status messages, the Notes field becomes the body of the status notice email.  
  5. If this is an XSite order and you've integrated with your XSite, check the Send Client Notification box to send a notification of this status change to your client.  Then, use the drop‑down menus to select a recipient and subject for your message or just type that information yourself.

  6. When you’re finished, click Save to update your internal status.