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Select E-mail Recipients


When sending reports and files using WinTOTAL’s report delivery tools, you can access your contacts database so you can quickly find and select recipients. This ensures that you don’t have to look up their contact information in other databases. In addition, since the Contacts Database can synchronize with your XSite’s Contacts Database you can ensure that you always have the most up-to-date address information available in all locations. To use the Contacts Database to address your e-mails…

  1. From any of the Delivery Information screens that appear throughout the various delivery wizards, click any of the To or CC links your WinTOTAL address book.

  2. If you know the name of your recipient, begin typing it in the first text field. As you type, the list below sorts and displays any records that match the letters you’re typing.  Or, use one of the following methods to find, add, or remove contacts from your address book.
    • Select a filter from the drop-down list to filter your contact list to those that just fit a certain type.
    • Click Find Contact, type a search phrase, and click Find to search for contacts.  If you find one you like, click it and click Insert to include it in your message.
    • Click New Contact to add a new contact to your address book. Once you’ve filled out the necessary contact information, click OK to save the contact.
    • Click a contact and click Edit Contact to edit the contact’s information.
    • Click a contact and click Remove Contact to remove it from your address book.
  3. Once the desired contact is displayed in the list, double-click the name to add it to the To section of the Message recipients field. Or, select the name and click the Cc:-> button to add it to that section.
  4. Repeat these steps to add as many recipients as necessary.
  5. When you’ve found all the desired contacts, click OK to add their e-mail addresses to your e-mail message.
  Hint: If you create any new contacts as you’re selecting recipients, don’t forget to synchronize those changes with your XSite by using the synchronization tools in the Appraisal Desktop.