Configure WinTOTAL > Automate WinTOTAL > Schedule XSite Synchronization

Schedule XSite Synchronization


If you’re actively using your XSite to take and manage orders electronically or if you’re regularly using your XSite’s business management tools, it’s often useful to automate the synchronization process so that your XSite and WinTOTAL are always in tune with each other.  To schedule the XSite synchronization process…

  1. Right-click the Assistant icon and click Show.
  2. When the Assistant appears, click to select Aurora to XSite Sync.  Then, click Configure.

  3. Check the box to Enable Scheduling for your synchronization and then indicate whether you want to synchronize on a daily or weekly basis by marking the corresponding option.
  4. Select a time and day for your synchronization as necessary.
  5. When finished, click Save to apply your changes.