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Schedule File Cleanup


As you continue to use WinTOTAL to build your appraisal reports, you may accumulate a number of backup reports called “BZ1” files along with a host of old images.  To help you maintain as much free hard drive space as possible, WinTOTAL provides a simple tool, the File Collector, you can configure to automatically flush the old backup reports and images from your system.  To set it up…

  1. Right-click the Assistant icon and click Show.
  2. When the Assistant appears, click to select WinTOTAL File Collector.  Then, click Configure.

  3. Check the Enable File Collection box.
  4. Check the boxes beside each type of file you wish to clean out of your system automatically and then indicate the age (in days) that each item must be before WinTOTAL should clean it from your system.  Options are:
    • Unused Photos – Photos in your images database that you have not yet used in a report
    • Used Photos – Photos in your images database that you’ve already used in a report.  Bear in mind that wiping these “used” images from your computer DOES NOT remove them from the reports in which you used them.
    • Recoverable Files – WinTOTAL keeps backup copies, called “BZ1” files, of every report you create.  Once you complete a report, these files become unnecessary and you can safely remove them from your computer.
    • Athena Upgraded Files – When you upgrade from Athena to Aurora, WinTOTAL creates backup copies of your original Athena reports.  If you’ve seen no problems upgrading from Athena to Aurora, you need not keep these backup copies, called “BZU” files, around.
  5. Finally, indicate the frequency with which you want WinTOTAL to flush out old files.  As necessary, schedule a time of day, week, or month for the cleanup process to run.
  6. When finished, click Save to apply your changes.