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Retrieve a Location Map


WinTOTAL's Map Wizard can retrieve several different types of map depending on your needs and you have full control to adjust the map for your current report.

  1. In the second step of the Map Wizard, specify a map type in the Type drop-down menu. Types include:
    • Road Map - A typical street map like those that have always been available in WinTOTAL
    • Aerial Map - A satellite photograph of the area containing your properties
    • Hybrid Map - A satellite photograph of the area containing your properties with street names and details overlaid

      Hint: If your Internet connection stalls or the map does not load for any other reason, just click the Refresh button above the map area to force WinTOTAL to retrieve the map again.
      Note: If you retrieve an aerial or hybrid map it may contain a range map dates in the bottom right corner. Unlike traditional street maps, aerial and hybrid maps are built from a series of photograph panels taken at different times. This date range just means that your map area is built out of multiple panel photographs taken at different times.

  2. WinTOTAL can also display bird's eye view maps depicting an oblique overhead view of your subject property for reference purposes. To view a bird's eye map of the property, click the eye icon to the right of the type drop-down menu. Bear in mind, bird's eye view maps cannot be printed, annotated, or placed in a report. You must select a different map type before proceeding.

  3. Once WinTOTAL finishes retrieving the map you request, you can adjust the map's zoom and centering.
    • To re-center the map, click anywhere on the map, hold down the click, and move your mouse in the opposite direction you wish to move the map.
    • To change the map zoom, click on of the zoom levels across the top of the map or use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in and out.
  4. Next, select a pre-named title or type in a title for your map using the Title field to the upper right corner of the map.
  5. As necessary, you can edit and annotate your map using the tools provided. To simply move or verify the placement of a balloon, you have several options:
    • To move the balloon's head, click and drag the head of the balloon to the desired location
    • To move the tail of the balloon, click the white square at the end of the tail and drag it to the desired location
    • To move the balloon based on a property's GPS coordinates, click the property address in the Address Information pane and type in the correct GPS coordinates
    • To manually move an entire balloon, click to select the balloon, then click Add/Move Balloon in the Balloon tab on the left. Then, click the desired location for the tail of the map to move the entire balloon to the new location
    • If you believe the balloon's placement is incorrect, you can verify it against Google's Maps and MapQuest. Just click the questionable balloon to select it and then click the Google or MapQuest links to call up the same maps in Google or MapQuest so you can compare maps.
  6. When finished customizing your map, click Next to continue through the Map Wizard or click Finish if you're not retrieving any other map information.