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Retrieve Flood & Census Data


If your map preferences are set to retrieve flood and census data, in the third step of the Map Wizard, WinTOTAL retrieves the flood and census data for your subject property along with the USPS formatted address for your subject.

  1. Review the flood and census data items that WinTOTAL retrieves. WinTOTAL's confidence in the data is indicated by a red, yellow, or green stoplight. If you're satisfied with the data, check the Insert box beside it to include it in your report.
  2. Next, review the USPS formatted address of the subject property. As with flood and census data, WinTOTAL ranks its confidence in the retrieved data by a red, yellow, or green stoplight. If you're satisfied with the format of the USPS address and zip code of your subject property, check the Insert boxes beside each address item to use them in your report instead of your hand typed address.

  3. For your convenience, WinTOTAL also retrieves directions from your office to each property included in your map. Review those directions in the bottom half of the screen and click Print Route if you want to print off a copy.
  4. When finished, click Next to continue through the Map Wizard or click Finish if you're not retrieving any other map information.

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