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Rebuild Your Reports List


If you regularly add files into your WinTOTAL file folders outside of WinTOTAL or experience other difficulties with files in the Appraisal Desktop, WinTOTAL’s file list could become corrupt.  If this occurs, your File Cabinet may not reflect all of the files that are actually available in your WinTOTAL file folders.  For such occasions, WinTOTAL provides a simple utility you can use to restore your file list to its full inventory again. To use it, click Options, Rebuild Reports List in the Appraisal Desktop. WinTOTAL then scans through the folders in your WinTOTAL installation and builds a list of all current reports in your File Cabinet.

  Note: You should only need to use this feature on very rare occasions, normally only if directed to do so by an a la mode tech support representative.  If you find that you’re regularly using this function, contact one of our support technicians for further assistance.