Print Reports


While you can always print a report while it’s open in WinTOTAL, you can also print a report directly from the Appraisal Desktop without having to open the report first.  But unlike WinTOTAL’s usual print options, by printing through the Appraisal Desktop, you can print a full reports list in your File Cabinet or quickly move from report to report printing out entire copies or just a series of invoices.  To use the Appraisal Desktop’s print feature…

  1. In the Appraisal Desktop, find and click to select a report you wish to print.
  2. Click Print in the toolbar and mark your desired print option in the screen that appears.  Options are:
    • Print Report – Choosing this option opens the standard WinTOTAL Print screen, from which you can choose which pages and forms you’d like to print, as well as choosing the printer to which you’d like them sent.
    • Auto print report – This option automatically prints the report based on the default settings you’ve chosen for that report in the past.
    • Print invoice only – If you just need to send out a new invoice, choose this option. Any invoice form found in the report is sent to your default printer.
    • Print reports list – The final option doesn’t print the actual report. Instead, it prints a list of all reports in the current folder.
  3. Click OK to accept you print option.

WinTOTAL immediately prints the items you specified.  For further details on WinTOTAL’s advanced printing features, see the Printing chapter of this user’s guide.