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When you’re printing, there’s a link at the lower right of the forms list for additional options. These options change depending on whether you are printing to hard copy printers or creating a PDF. To apply special print options while you’re printing:

  1. Print your report in the typical way.
  2. In the Aurora Print Engine, click the link at the bottom to open the additional printing options.
  3. Set your preferred options using the check boxes and links in the pane on the right.  Options include.


    • Include # copies of highlighted page – Allows you to specify a different number of copies on a page by page basis.
    • Print page number on each form - Prints the page number on each form.  Or course, a page number gives your report a more professional appearance and keeps pages from being misplaced.
      • Show numbering as X of XX - When page numbering is enabled along this option, page numbers are formatted as 1 of 10 (for example). Otherwise, WinTOTAL just prints the page number at the bottom of each page of your report.
    • Print # on each form - Overlays the selected number at the top right of each form. This is handy for forms that don’t have a place for a file number or for including a specific identifying number on every form to meet your client's requirements.

      Available options (in the drop-down box) include:

      • Main File number
      • Other file number
      • Internal Order number
      • Lender Case number
      • Client File number
      • FHA/VA Case number
    • Print a box around photos - Select whether or not you want a border around photos.
    • Show Table of Contents column – Toggles whether the TOC column is hidden in the print window. When enabled, you can remove forms from the printed TOC by unchecking them.
    • Print net and gross % - Controls whether or not the net and gross adjustments print on the major form.
      • Click the Edit link to the right to change formatting options.
    • Print a summary phrase – Allows you to print a summary phrase about each form in the top left corner of the page
      • Click the Edit link to the right to set form-specific options, including the phrase to display and positioning of the phrase on the form.
    • Select main printer for all forms – Prints all form pages using your designated main printer allowing you to print photo pages and form pages on separate printers.
    • Select photo printer for all photo pages – Prints all photo pages using your designated photo printer allowing you to print photo pages and form pages on separate printers.
    • Send all pages to printer as one job – Sends the entire print job to the printer as one job rather than breaking up the print job into a batch of individual print jobs.  This option is handy when you’re having difficulty printing certain sections of your report.
    • Use printer profiles – Using this option you can create and use separate combinations of photo and main printers.  This option can be particularly handy when you have both a set of network printers and local printers and would like to alternate between them.
    • Edit Printer Settings – This option is equivalent to the Printer Settings option that appears in the upper left hand corner of the Print window.  It allows you to select your main and photo printers and make adjustments to the arrangement of the print job on the page.
  4. When finished, click OK to apply your changes and print your report.

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