Paying Employees


Using the tools built into your XSite you can easily record payments you've made to employees for the appraisal work they've completed.

Note: This tool only records the payment to your employees and does not actually transmit any money to their bank accounts.
  1. From your XSite's invoice manager, click Pay Employees just below the Navigation pane on the left.

    Note: This same option is available in the Accounting section as well.
  2. Enter the check number and date.
  3. Select the employee from the drop-down list.  Only employees you have included at the bottom of an invoice form with an amount due will show in this list.
  4. Enter a date range for the orders you want to see.
  5. Click Display Orders and a list of orders for that appraiser should display.
  6. Mark the orders for which you want to log the appraiser as paid and the amount they were paid for each one.
  7. Finally, click Pay Items to mark them as paid.