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Optimize Images


The options in the Optimize tab of the Image Optimizer allow you to minimize the size of your images, while maintaining photo quality. To “optimize” your image…

  1. On an image page, double-click any image to open it in the Image Optimizer.
  2. In the Image Optimizer, click the Optimize tab.

  3. Set pixels per inch: This setting will change the resolution (the number of "dots" per inch) of the image. A lower number will decrease both the dimensions and the file size of the image.
  4. Set image detail: This setting changes the quality of the image, sometimes known as compression. A lower quality will reduce the file size while reducing the visibility of image details.
  5. Set colors: This setting will have the smallest effect on file size. You'll probably find that you rarely need to change the colors of the image, but you're welcome use the drop-down to try different settings.
  6. Choose Make the current Resolution and Quality settings my default if you'd like to use your current settings as the default for future optimization.
  7. Choose Run the Image Optimizer when images are added to a page if you always intend to optimize images in your report.
  8. When you’re finished, click OK to apply your changes.
  Hint: While you’re optimizing your image, keep an eye on the lower portion of the screen. You can quickly see the effect that your changes are having on the file size as the current image size is displayed, along with its original size.  


Automatic Optimization

The Image Optimizer provides a simple way to apply your preferred optimization settings automatically as you place images into your report.  To set up automatic optimization so that you don’t have to manually optimize your images…

  1. In WinTOTAL, click Options, Configure WinTOTAL settings...
  2. Click Image Quality Settings in the lower left of the Configuration Options window.

  3. On the right, mark your preferred optimization settings.  Options include:
      Skip automatic image optimization for images smaller than 500 KB:  This will keep the Image Optimizer from making changes if an image is smaller than 500 kilobytes (KB), since images of this size may not need to be much smaller than they already are.
    • Show the Image Optimizaer whenver an images is added to a page: Automatically brings up the Image Optimizer for each image - perfect if you already know that you'll be optimizing every image.
    • Pixels per inch (Resolution):  Choose the resolution to which you'd like to automatically optimize your report images.
    • Detail (Compression Quality):  Choose the detail to which you'd like to automatically optimize your report images.
    • Photo Capture Settings: This determines the type of file that will be used when you capture photos within WinTOTAL.
  4. Click Save in the upper-left to commit your changes and close the window.