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Merge in Report Data


WinTOTAL’s SmartMerge function takes the place of the clone function provided in older versions of WinTOTAL, placing far more data merging power into your hands as you begin your reports. WinTOTAL now allows you to merge data from individual sections of forms, as well as the whole form or the whole report at any time during the life or your report. You can even merge multiple different reports with different sections of each report you merge to help speed up your formfilling process without any concern about any data being overwritten.  Merge simply blends the data you select with the data you’ve already placed into your report. To merge in data from another report or template:

  1. In WinTOTAL’s Order PowerView, click Merge in the toolbar at the top of the Order PowerView.


  2. Find and click to select a report from which you wish to merge data. If necessary, use the Look for field to locate the desired report or “template” file.
  3. Indicate whether you want to merge the Entire report or just the Selected forms in your report by marking the corresponding option.
  4. If you choose to merge in just selected data from your other report, the forms contained in that report are displayed below the file list. Double-click each form in this box to select or deselect it for inclusion in your new report. Click Mark All to select all of the forms in the report.
  5. Once you’ve indicated what you want to merge from your old report, click one of the buttons in the top toolbar to tell WinTOTAL how to blend that data into your current report. Options are:
    • Merge in forms AND data — Blends the selected data into the data that already exists in your report, adding new forms to your report when necessary.
    • Merge in forms only — Adds blank copies of the forms you’ve specified into your current report.  As with other merge options, this option does not overwrite the data in your report. This allows you to merge the forms from an older report without the data in it.
    • Clone — allows you to make an exact duplicate of the older report. Any information you entered in the order form is overwritten with the data from the older report. If desired, click the check box to ensure that any tracking data (order date, etc) is not deleted.