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Import Athena Contacts


If you used Athena prior to the current version of WinTOTAL, you may have a long list of contacts you want to import from your old installation.  If you want to import your old contacts from Athena, you can easily do so with WinTOTAL’s contact import tool.

  1. From WinTOTAL’s contact manager, choose File, Import from Athena.
  2. The Import Athena Contacts screen displays a list of contacts from your Athena database. Use the scroll bars to scan through this list. Check the Import box beside a contact to flag it for import into your Aurora Contacts Database. If this contact is a company you’d like to import, check the box in the Company field. If you’d like to import your entire database, just click Mark All at the bottom of the list.

  3. Once you’ve selected all of the desired contacts, click Finish. Your contacts are imported into your current database.

If you do not import all of your Athena contacts at once, you can go back and repeat these steps. Each time you run the Import function, only those contacts which you have not already imported are displayed. If you want to see other contacts, click the Show all contacts check box in the Import Athena Contacts screen.