Configure WinTOTAL > HoverLinks



Many are the times when you’re working in a report in WinTOTAL and discover that you need to launch another application to retrieve data or check information. Perhaps it’s an MLS service tool. Or a statistical analysis tool. Or even one of our supporting applications, like QuickPix.

While it’s usually not too difficult to reach for the mouse, click the Windows Start menu, scroll up through the program options, wade through the sub-menus to find the desired application, and launch it, but we’ve got a better idea called “HoverLinks.”


The HoverLinks pane appears in the lower left corner of all WinTOTAL PowerViews. Simply move your mouse pointer over the pane and a series of links pops up to the right. Click the desired icon to launch that applications or quickly jump to that section of WinTOTAL.

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