History View


Whether you’re the only appraiser working on a report, or several colleagues have assisted you, it can be a great benefit to track when each change was made, and by whom. With WinTOTAL’s report history view, you can quickly track what was added or deleted from a report or verify that you did, in fact, send the report to your client.  To look over a report’s history…

  1. In the Appraisal Desktop, click to select the desired report in the files list using any of the search features listed above.
  2. Click the History tab at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Another pane opens showing each of the changes made to this report, when it was made and by which WinTOTAL user. Click any of the headers to resort the list of changes according to that column. For example, click the top of the User column to quickly see all of the users who have changed the report grouped together.