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General Settings


To get the most out of WinTOTAL, you should customize some of the configuration options to suit the way you work. To access WinTOTAL’s general program settings…

  1. From the WinTOTAL Configuration Utility, click the General icon in the toolbar.


  2. Apply your preferred settings and click Save. The available settings include:
    • Ask before saving changes – Whenever you close a report, or exit WinTOTAL, the program checks to see if you have made any changes to the file. By enabling this option, WinTOTAL prompts you before saving changes you’ve made to your reports. If you disable this feature, WinTOTAL saves your changes automatically.
    • Open Appraisal Desktop when WinTOTAL starts – Check this option to ensure that WinTOTAL opens the Appraisal Desktop whenever you open it.
    • Close Appraisal Desktop when opening a report – Check this option to close down the Appraisal Desktop whenever WinTOTAL starts to that you can reclaim any resources used by the Appraisal Desktop.  If you need both WinTOTAL and the Appraisal Desktop open at the same time, leave this option unchecked.
    • Always default to the printer that was last selected – If you regularly switch back and forth between several printers in your office, you can select this option if you want WinTOTAL to remember the last printer you used. If you’d prefer to always use your default printer, turn this option off.
    • Create transfer locks when converting old reports – WinTOTAL attempts to save you time by pushing relevant data forward into related fields in your report. To ensure that you have full control over those fields, WinTOTAL also provides a way to disable this behavior so you can enter the exact data you want into those fields. Since older versions of WinTOTAL didn’t have this feature, you can enable this option to ensure that your old report data remains intact when you merge it into your new reports.
    • Automatically save report every XX minutes – If you enable this option and specify a number of minutes in the provided box, you can set WinTOTAL to automatically save your report every so often.  This is a great way to make sure that system crashes don’t cause you to lose work as well.
    • Enable the scroll wheel on my mouse – If you use a mouse equipped with a scroll wheel, you may need to enable this setting for it to work properly within WinTOTAL.
    • Hide data lookup panel inside of SwiftEstimator – If you’re using WinTOTAL’s integration with SwiftEstimator to produce your cost estimates, you can toggle the data lookup panel that shows you key information from your report on the left side of that feature.  Check the box to hide the data lookup panel or leave it unchecked to continue showing the data lookup panel.
    • Display side items in WinTOTAL – By default, your QuickLists and the panes containing other relevant features appear on the left side of your screen. If you’d prefer, mark the Right option to move them to the other side.
    • Initial Window Size – These options specify how the WinTOTAL and Appraisal Desktop screens appear when you launch the application. Options are:
      • Maximized – With this setting, WinTOTAL opens to its maximum capacity so that it encompasses your entire screen.
      • Use Last Position – With this setting, WinTOTAL remembers the size and location of the window when you last closed it and then it uses that same combination when you next open WinTOTAL.
      • Use Standard Position – With this setting, WinTOTAL and the Appraisal Desktop open in the center of your screen.

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