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Fill Out Comp Columns


When you’re editing comps in the side-by-side comps view, you may often need to pull data from another comp column into the field where you’re currently working.  WinTOTAL acknowledges this fact by providing a number of shortcuts you can use to copy data to and from other columns.  To use WinTOTAL’s comp-specific formfilling tools…

  Note:  WinTOTAL determines its suggested value for sales comparison based off of a weighted average of your comps.  

In addition to these comp-specific formfilling tools, keep in mind that you can use both QuickLists and comp data from your Comps Database to save even more time when filling out the grid.


Comparable Weight

The property weighting formula is used to calculate the weight of each comparable listed in the Side-by-Side PowerView.  To calculate a given comp weight (CompY), we use the following formula where Y represents a unique comp (i.e. Comp 1, Comp 2, Comp 3, etc.)

$$^{\underline{CompY\ Gross\ Adj\ \%}}_{Total\ Gross\ Adj\ \%}\ \times\ 100\ =\ A.$$ $$100\ -\ A\ =\ B.$$ $$(Total\ number\ of\ Comps)\ -\ 1\ =\ C.$$ $$^{\underline{B}}_{C}\ =\ Weight\ of\ CompY.$$