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File Labels


The ideal of the “paperless office” continues to elude most appraisers. While some functions — such as the digital workfile — are now handled electronically, many appraisers are still more comfortable with the old manila folder. If you prefer the paper-based approach, you can print labels for your work folders from within WinTOTAL.  Using WinTOTAL’s File Labels tool is a two-step process…

  1. Create a label template to use.
  2. Print the label using your template.

Creating Label Templates

To create a file label…

  1. Click the Tools menu, and then select Create File Labels.
  2. From the Print Labels screen, click New at the end of the Template drop-down menu.

  3. Type a name for your labels in the Template Name box.
  4. From the Avery® Label drop-down menu, choose one of the pre-defined label types. If you’re using a non-Avery label, pay attention to the label sizes listed.
  5. Begin building your label using any combination of three data types. Click the Label Template box to place your cursor in the desired spot and then:
    • Click the Report option to display a list the fields from your report. Scroll through the list to find the field whose information you’d like included on your label. Double-click the field name and a code is inserted in the Label Template. When you print the label, this code is replaced with information from the report.
    • Click the Contact data option to display the fields related to your office. Double-click any field to place it on your label.
    • With your cursor in the Label Template box, begin typing to insert text or spacing. Do not type anything between the brackets {  } surrounding the codes you inserted from the lists. Depending upon the type of label you selected, you may have anywhere from two to five lines available.

  6. When your label template is complete, click Save.


Printing File Labels

To print a file label for a report…

  1. With the desired report open in WinTOTAL, click the Tools menu, then select Create File Label.

    - OR -

    From the Appraisal Desktop, select a report in the Files list, then right-click and choose Create File Labels from the pop-up menu.

  2. From the Template drop-down menu, select your desired label format.
  3. Depending upon the type of label your template uses, the label grid changes, showing you a sheet of labels. Click the label location on the sheet to the left to indicate the label you want to print. This is useful if you have a sheet of labels that is only partially used.
  4. If you are curious how your label looks, click Zoom at the bottom of the screen to get a closer look.
  5. If you need to tweak the label format, click Edit. Make your changes as necessary and click Save when finished.

When you label is ready, click OK. The Windows Print screen appears, from which you can select the printer that holds your labels. Click OK to send the label to your printer.