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Field-specific Formatting


Just as you can in previous versions of WinTOTAL, you have the option to format individual fields within any given form.  To change the formatting for a field:

  1. In the Forms PowerView, open the form you need and right-click a field you’d like to reformat.


  2. In addition to traditional word processing commands, you can also use the following commands:
    • Fonts — This allows you to change the field’s font style
    • Field format — This allows you to change various formatting options for the field.
    • Override number format — This overrides a default number format so that the field accepts whatever data you enter into it.
  3. If you chose Fonts, simply choose the font type, size, style, and colors from the appropriate fields and click OK when you’re finished.  Notice that as you change your font effects you can preview them in the preview pane to the bottom right of the window.
  4. Alternately, if you chose Field format, you have the following options:
    • Read Only — Only allows you to read a field and does not permit manual changes to a field.
    • Invisible — Hides the field and its data from view. 
        Note: This option only applies for some fields.  
    • Non-Printing — Designates that a field should not print with the rest of your form data when you choose to print your report.
    • Skipped by Enter — Causes WinTOTAL to skip this field when you travel consecutively through the fields in your report using the Enter key.
    • No Calc — Prevents WinTOTAL from calculating this field.  This can be particularly handy when you enter data into a field that would normally resolve the data to some calculation, but you do not want that to happen.
    • Numbers Only — Prevents you from typing letters and other non-numeric characters into the field.
    • 2 Decimal Places — Limits the number of decimal places in a number field to 2.
    • Show Commas — Toggles commas in numeric fields on and off.
    • Leading + or -  — Requires a leading + or – in the field such as in the comps grid.
    • No Transfer In — Toggles field locking on and off.
    • Rounding — Allows you to set rounding for numeric fields.  The default option is No Rounding.
    • Alignment — Allows you to set your field alignment.  The default option is No Align.