Comps PowerView > Comps Database > Import Comps > Enter Comps Manually

Enter Comps Manually


To add a comp to your database manually…

  1. In the Comps Database, click GreenPlusIcon Add in the toolbar at the top.
  2. Click Manually to open the Add Comparable screen.

  3. Enter the required data in the fields, keeping in mind that QuickLists are available to insert common terms.
  4. Click Add in the Photo pane to select a photo to associate with this comp. Select the photo from your hard drive and click Open. Alternately, you can copy a photo from another location and paste it into the comp by clicking Paste.
    • Click All comp fields in the Views pane on the left to expand the form to allow more data.
    • Click Summary fields to limit data to info in comps grid. Notice that several of the items have additional fields in which you can enter specific data that may or may not appear on certain forms. This data can be used to make automatic adjustments, but won’t print on the report. See the Comps Detailed View section of this user guide for more information about this feature.
  5. When completed, click OK and your new comp is added to the database.