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Edit Advanced PDF Settings


The Advanced PDF settings allow you to control the process that WinTOTAL uses to print your report to PDF.  Here, you can toggle whether WinTOTAL should prompt you for a PDF file name or simply name the PDF file using its own naming conventions.  You can also toggle whether the PDF should appear in your PDF Viewer once it has been created, or change the compatibility settings for your PDF’s.  To change your advanced PDF settings…

  1. From the Aurora Print Engine PDF options, click Edit Advanced PDF Settings.

  2. In the screen that appears, indicate whether you want WinTOTAL to prompt you for a PDF file name when creating PDF’s.
  3. Mark or unmark the checkbox to indicate whether you want WinTOTAL to launch your PDF viewer so you can see the PDF when it is complete.
  4. Choose a PDF specification option from the drop-down list. This option controls the compatibility mode for your WinTOTAL PDF’s.  By default, WinTOTAL uses the Adobe Acrobat 4.x option to ensure that all of your clients can open the PDF.  In general, unless a technician specifies otherwise, it’s better to leave this at the default setting.
  5. When finished, click OK to save your options and click OK again in the Aurora Print Engine to create your PDF file.