DirectFax View


Our electronic fax system, called “DirectFax,” provides an easy way for you to quickly add a stack of documents into your workfile without individually scanning each item.  Of course, since DirectFax is a faxed-based technology, you can give DirectFax coversheets to your clients so that they can electronically send you important documents for any given appraisal. To use the DirectFax view…

  1. In the Appraisal Desktop, click to select the any file in your File Cabinet.
  2. Click the DirectFax tab at the bottom of the screen.

  3. WinTOTAL shows you a full list of items that have been sent through DirectFax into your report’s workfile.  From here you can:
    • Create a new DirectFax coversheet – Using the DirectFax coversheet, you can fax a stack of documents in to the number specified on the cover sheet to convert them into a PDF and attach them to your report’s workfile. Since this coversheet is specific  to this report, you can also give it to your clients so they can fax you important documents related to the selected report.
    • Download pending DirectFax items – If you’ve sent anything in to DirectFax, it takes a few moments to convert those items into PDF files.  When the PDF files are ready, you can download them by clicking Sync or Sync AllSync simply downloads DirectFax PDF’s related to the selected report.  Sync All retrieves any pending DirectFax PDF’s and attaches those PDF’s to the appropriate report workfiles.

For more information about DirectFax, see the DirectFax section of this user’s guide.