Deliver XSite Invoices


Once you’ve completed your invoice, you can easily send it out to your client independently from your report. To do so…

  1. From your XSite’s invoicing tools, find and double-click an invoice you wish to send.
  2. When the invoice opens, use one of the buttons across the top to preview your invoice, deliver it directly, or create a PDF you can send manually.  Options include:
    • Save - To save any changes you made to the invoice.
    • Preview - To see how the printed invoice looks.  (Click Close when in the preview to return to the invoice.)
    • Send - To send a PDF copy of your invoice straight from your XSite.  An on-screen form then lets you compose an e-mail message to accompany the PDF.
    • PDF - To have your XSite create and open a PDF copy of the invoice.  From there, you can work with it like any other PDF, perhaps saving a local copy or attaching it an e-mail.