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Create Tables & Columns


Using WinTOTAL’s addenda tools you can create tables to help you display structured lists or create columns in your document. To create a table in an addendum…

  1. From WinTOTAL’s addenda tools, click the Table Options button, and choose Insert Table.
  2. Specify the number of rows and columns you would like to see.
      Note:  There is no way to change the number of rows and columns for the table once it has been inserted into the addendum.  
  3. Click OK.

Once a table is inserted, you can begin typing text into each cell. Click and drag the borders of the table to resize each cell. To further customize the table, with your cursor in the table, click the Table Options button again and choose either Table Attributes or Cell Attributes. Select the desired modifications from the screen and click OK.

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