Configure WinTOTAL > Image Settings > Create Photo Labels

Create Photo Labels


When you add photos to the WinTOTAL image database, you have the option of labeling them as to their purpose. Of course, the most common appraisal descriptions (Front, Rear, Street, Interior) are already included. However, if you’d like to add your own description or manage your existing descriptions…

  1. From the Images section of WinTOTAL Configuration Utility, click Create Photo Labels in the Photos pane on the left side of the screen.

    • To add a label, type the label you want to add into the text field and click Add.
    • If you no longer need a particular description, select it in the list and click Remove, or click Defaults to remove all of the types you may have added and revert to the original list.
  2. Click Save to put your configuration changes into effect.