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Configure WinTOTAL Billing


Before integrating with your XSite, you need to make sure you’ve told WinTOTAL your XSite domain and login information. 

  1. In WinTOTAL, click Options and then Configure WinTOTAL Settings.

  2. Click the net.X icon in the toolbar at the top to access the net.X configuration options.
  3. From there, use the Edit link to the right to enter your XSite Username and Password.
    • Your XSite information is specific to your WinTOTAL user profile.  The net effect is that network users can plug in their individual XSite logins so they only work with orders assigned to them.
    • If you’re a single user, mark the option to save your password.  However, appraisers in a multi-user office may wish to leave that disabled, requiring password entry when WinTOTAL needs to talk to your XSite. 
    • If you’re not the admin user for the XSite, the Accounting and Order Management option under XSite User Management must be enabled.
  4. Click OK to save your information and then click Save to accept your new configuration.
  5. Once you’ve correctly entered XSite information into WinTOTAL, WinTOTAL sends a signal to your XSite and enables the new “Business Management” features which replace the “Orders” interface we previously had.