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Comps Database


The Comps Database is your central location for getting the most out of one of your most precious resources.  When adequately stocked with an ample supply of comp data, your WinTOTAL Comps Database can virtually replace your MLS as a source of reliable comp information.  Moreover, if you add comps from your old reports into your database, you can even place comps in the grid with data in your own shorthand!  Regardless of where you acquire your data, the Comps Database is a fast, improved, appraiser-centric replacement solution for your MLS print outs and county records. To access your Comps Database‚Ķ

  1. In WinTOTAL, click Comps in the toolbar at the top.
  2. Then, click Comps Database in the Comps pane on the left to open the comps database.

  Hint: For a faster way to access your Comps Database, you can create a HoverLink directly to it.  This is great for those avid Comps Database users.  

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