Sketch PowerView > Choose Your Sketcher

Choose Your Sketcher


While the sketch configuration utility inside WinTOTAL allows you to set your preferred sketching software and authorize it all in one location, you can still select a sketcher you’d like to use in WinTOTAL from the Sketch PowerView. To select a preferred sketcher from…

  1. From the Sketch PowerView, click the Sketch With button in the toolbar.
  2. In the list of sketch vendors that appears, select your preferred sketching software. 
  3. When you try to draw a new sketch WinTOTAL prompts you to authorize your sketcher.  If you’d simply like to demo it, choose Demo Mode and click Next.  Otherwise, choose an authorization method to authorize the sketcher immediately.

      Note:  TOTAL Sketch is a la mode's free sketching solution provided with WinTOTAL. If you prefer to use TOTAL Sketch as your sketching program, no registration or authorization is required. Click here to learn how to use TOTAL Sketch.