Cell Attributes


As necessary, you can adjust the formatting of any cell in your table to emphasize certain aspects about it.  To adjust your cell’s formatting…

  1. From WinTOTAL’s addenda tools, click the cell you wish to adjust and then either right-click it and select Cell Attributes OR click the Table Options button in the middle toolbar and select Edit Cell.

  2. In the screen that appears, mark your preferred options and click OK. Options include:
    • Horizontal Position and Extension – The Horizontal Position and Extension dictate the left and right position of the cell. 
    • Border Width - Controls the thickness of all four lines around the cell. Change any individual line by changing the width of that side in the Cell border widths section below.
    • Text Gap – Controls the space between each edge of the cell and the text. Fine tune the margins on any side by editing the values in the Text gap properties section below.
    • Back Color – Lets you select a background color for this cell from the drop-down list.
    • Apply changes to – While designed to modify one cell, you can apply the changes you make here to either the entire row, column or the table itself.

WinTOTAL immediately applies your changes to the cell.  To undo these changes, click Undo.

  Note:  When entering values for the Cell Attributes, each point size equals 20. Thus, to put a line width of 2 points on the bottom of the cell, you would enter 40 in the Bottom Border field.