Billing & Business Mgmt

Billing & Business Management


WinTOTAL includes all the fundamental billing tools you need to create and send invoices to your clients.  Plus, you can quickly enter full or partial payments as they’re received, forming the basis for a simple accounting system.  Couple WinTOTAL with your Appraisal XSite, however, and you’ve got a powerful business management toolkit providing features like:

See our FAQ about the new billing processes at

This section of the User’s Guide provides step-by-step instructions for using all of the billing and business management functions in both WinTOTAL and Appraiser XSites.  Click the check mark in the chart below to view specific help for the function and platform desired.

Frequent Functions

Where to get it done…




Enter new orders


Create invoice for order


Add misc. fees to invoices


Create stand alone invoices



Send invoice to client


Record partial payments


Record full payments


Record payment for multiple reports


Process credit cards




Where to get it done…

Periodic Processes




Define products and fees



Assign client fee tables



Create appraiser fee splits



Publish coverage area



Set up user accounts



Set up client accounts


Record appraiser payments



Run business reports



In addition to these powerful WinTOTAL/XSite functions, some users may find it useful to export their WinTOTAL report information to Intuit’s QuickBooks application for more specialized accounting functions. See the QuickBooks Integration section of this user guide for more information.

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