Attach External Folders


You can also create a folder that opens an external storage drive or mapped directory. This allows you to access WinTOTAL reports on shared storage devices like networks or CDs. To map an external directory:

  1. From the Appraisal Desktop, choose Folder, Attach Directory from the menus.

  2. Decide if you’d like this external directory to appear to all WinTOTAL users or just yourself.
    • Mark This computer only to limit access to the new directory to yourself.
    • Mark Entire Network to allow any user who accesses your copy of WinTOTAL — either over a local area network or by logging into the same machine — to see the directory.
  3. Click Browse, select the desired directory from the directory list and click OK. You can choose either a directory on your local computer, a mapped drive on your network or an external storage device attached to your system.
  4. When prompted, type a name for your attached directory and click OK.

The new directory is now displayed in your folder list.

  Note: If you’ve linked to a network drive, make sure you’ve logged into the network before you click on the attached directory in your folder list to avoid an error message. Likewise, if you’ve attached to an external storage device, ensure that a disc, CD or storage card is properly inserted.