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Annotate Images


The annotation tools in the Annotate tab of the Image Optimizer allow you to add icons, balloon text and other items to your images. To annotate your images:

  1. In the Image Optimizer, click the Annotate tab.


  2. Apply your preferred annotations using the options provided.  Options include:
    • Icons - In the Icon area, you can choose Color, B&W or Legacy icons.
      1. Select the desired icon. Then, click anywhere in the image to place that icon.
      2. Click and drag the icon to move it around.
    • Highlight Area – You can highlight a portion of your image to draw attention to certain aspects of the property.
      1. To highlight an area, first choose the size of the line around the highlighted area from the Width drop-down menu.
      2. Then, click the Fill Color and Line Color links to select the color for your highlighted area.
      3. Click the image to anchor the first corner of your area.
      4. Continue clicking to surround the area desired. Instead of drawing the last line, just double-click or press A to complete the area.
        Note: You can also use the Highlight Area tool to obscure or "black-out" photo elements such as family photos, religious artifacts, people, yard signs, and other portions of your photo.
    • Lines – As with highlighting your image, drawing lines on the image can be a good way to draw attention to certain aspects of the property.
      1. To draw a line on your image, choose the desired size for your line from the thickness from the Line Width drop-down menu.
      2. Click Line Color to choose the color.
      3. Click and draw the desired line across the image.
    • Balloons – Balloons often pair well with lines and highlighted areas as a way of designating and explaining key aspects about the property.
      1. To add a balloon, choose a background color, text color and font for the balloon from the drop-down menus.
      2. Click the image to place the balloon.
      3. Type the text for your balloon in the box available and then click OK.
      4. Once a balloon is placed, click and drag the balloon or its square "handles" to reposition or resize the balloon.
      Note: When you click another tab to leave the annotations section, all annotations become one item and you cannot go back and reselect or edit individual modifications.
  3. When finished, click OK to apply your changes.