An alternative view into your finances is available through the Accounting area of Business Management.  To use it:

  1. Click Accounting in the Navigation pane on the left side of Business Management.  Here, in one list, you can see cash flow — both debits and credits — for a given date range and/or for a client specific filter.
    • To filter the list to just debits or credits, mark the Debits Only or Credits Only boxes on the left.
    • To filter the list of activities to just credits from specific clients, choose the client from the Bill To/Client menu on the left.
    • To limit the list of debits and credits to a certain range of dates, choose the beginning and ending date using the calendars on the left and then click Submit.
  2. Now, review the list of debits and credits for the account history you need.
    • Click a column header to sort the list of payment activities by that column.
    • Select any item in the accounting list and click View Invoice or just double-click the line item to view the invoice behind the line item.
    • Click the links within the listing for any item for further information about the debits or credits.
    • To view or edit the invoice for any accounting item, click the Description link for any listing.
    • To record new payments from clients or to employees click the Enter Client Payments or Pay Employees buttons in the toolbar respectively.