Upload with Vault’s Uploader

If you’ve configured Vault to use watched folders, you can access Vault’s uploader directly to manually send a batch of files to the Vault.

To upload directly to Vault:

  1. Click Start, [All] Programs, a la mode Vault, Send Files to Vault.

    If you're using Windows 8, simply type Configure Exact into the Start screen and press Enter.

  2. Vault’s uploader appears, verifies your a la mode login, and uploads any new and updated files.

    Vaults Uploader

  3. Review the summary of the upload and click Finish.

Every time you upload files to your Vault account, whether you do it manually or automatically, you receive an e-mail confirmation of the transfer.  This e-mail contains a session summary with a complete list of every file that you uploaded, the number of files that were transferred, the number of files you have on our server, and the number of files left in your account.