Pop Points

As you sketch, a variety of dots appear around your line. These dots — called "pop points" — are useful tools you can use as leverage to join your lines at common junctures and align them with other parts of your sketch. There are two types of pop points that appear as you draw your sketch:

Red Pop Points
Red Pop Points indicate that you can draw your line to match an intersection or wall elsewhere in your sketch. For instance, if you're drawing the third line in a rectangle, you have two other points in your sketch that you can line up with. Red pop points suggest the next, most logical or common point for you to square‑off your sketch.

Blue Pop Points
Blue pop points indicate that you can mirror a previously drawn angle in your sketch. These are particularly useful for mirrored angles like those typically found in bay windows.

When a pop point appears on screen that you would like to use, simply tap it or press the appropriate directional arrow to draw a line connecting the end point of your current position to the location of the pop point. You can also move your cursor near a pop point and press the letter J on your keyboard to jump to the nearest point.