Adjust Line Lengths

Once a line has been drawn and the end point is anchored, it can still be adjusted at any time. To adjust the length of a line in your sketch:

  1. In a sketch, tap the Modify icon (  ) to enter Modify Mode. If you're using an iPhone or a similar device with a smaller screen, press the mode icon on your sketch keyboard and select Modify.
  2. Tap the starting point of the line you wish to modify.
  3. Use the arrow icons (  ) to increase or reduce the length of the line incrementally. Or, simply enter the new length of the wall and press Enter. Let's say you have a 12' wall drawn on your sketch and it needs to be 17'. Simply press the arrow keys until you reach the desired length, or type the number 17 and press Enter.
  4. When you're finished, tap the sketch canvas or press Enter to anchor the end point of your line.