PCV Murcor
Delivery from SFREP

  TOTAL Connect Pro contract required
  MISMO XML delivery from other formfillers not supported
  Orders not available through XSite or Mercury Network

If you haven't installed TOTAL Connect, click here for instructions.  Otherwise, to deliver your report to PCV Murcor from SFREP/WCA:

  1. Make sure you have the latest updates for your software.
  2. Open your report in your formfilling software, click Orders on the upper left, and select Mercury Desktop Integration.

    TOTAL Connect Integration

  3. Select the report pages to include, and click Create PDF.

    Create PDF

  4. Enter your a la mode login information, check Remember my password to avoid re-entering your username and password each time you deliver, and click OK.

    Enter your a la mode login information

  5. On the Verify order information screen, enter your PCV Murcor UserName, Password, and Order number for the appraisal you're delivering.  Since this is your PCV Murcor username and password, it is completely separate from your a la mode username and password.

    Acknowledge Order

  6. In order to deliver your report, you must verify several items about it.  Run through the Delivery Guidelines Checklist, check each box to verify it, and then click Next.

    Acknowledge Order

  7. In the UARR results screen, review any errors or warnings.  If you do not have any errors or warnings click Send.  If there are any errors or warnings:

    Acknowledge Order

  8. Click Next to continue.  If you need to request an Override Code, mark the option and click finish.  If you already have an override code, mark Enter Review Override Code and click Finish.

    Acknowledge Order

  9. Click Finish to deliver the report to PCV Murcor.  After a few seconds, you'll see a message saying the report was successfully delivered.

That's it!  Your report has now been successfully delivered to PCV Murcor.