Delivery from WinTOTAL

  TOTAL Connect Pro contract required
  MISMO XML delivery from other formfillers not supported
  Orders not available through XSite or Mercury Network

If you haven't installed TOTAL Connect, click here for instructions.  Otherwise, to deliver your report to Metro-West from TOTAL Connect:

  1. Click Deliver to Client on the upper left, hover over Deliver with TOTAL Connect, and select Metro‑West from the drop‑down menu.
  2. The WinTOTAL Print Engine appears, allowing you to select the forms in your report you want to include in the final document.  Select the forms you want by double-clicking them, set any other options necessary, and click OK.

    WinTOTAL Print Engine

  3. Enter your a la mode login information, check the boxes to Remember my password and Sign me in automatically to avoid re-entering your username and password each time you deliver, and click OK (if prompted).

    Enter your a la mode login information

  4. When the Metro-West Delivery Wizard appears, enter your Metro‑West Appraiser ID and Password, then click Next.

    Job Number Verification

  5. In the Find order screen, select your Metro‑West order from the list, then click Next.

  6. The next step in the delivery wizard asks you to select the pages you want to deliver.  Select or deselect the necessary forms and click Next to proceed.

    Select Pages to Deliver

    If a necessary form in your report is listed here as being Not Supported, cancel the delivery wizard and return to your report to add the appropriate form from the AI Ready Forms and addenda folder in your contents window.  Then, begin the delivery process again.  Click here to view the full list of AI Ready forms and addenda
  7. If your signature cannot be converted, you are prompted to manually attach a copy.  Click Browse to locate and attach a copy of your signature file, check the box to reuse the signature in the future (depending on your preferences), then click Next.

    Assign a Signature

  8. Now, an E&O review is run on your report using Metro-West's review rules.  If an error is found in your report, click the panel underneath the image below for further instructions.  If no errors are found or no changes are needed, click Next to continue.

    UARR Results

    Click here if errors are found in your report

    If an error is found in your report, you these are your options:

    • Click View PDF to review a PDF copy of your report and check for inconsistencies.
    • Click UARR Review to launch a separate window and view the list of errors and warnings alongside your report.
    • Click Print to print a copy of the errors and warnings that can be easily referenced when making corrections in your report.

      UARR Results With Critical Errors

    • If you receive an error, but have reviewed your report and determined that the information is correct, click the comments icon to enter a custom comment that is sent to your client explaining any potential issues or provide an explanation that is sent when delivering or submitting a review report.

    Review Comments

    Any critical errors must be corrected prior to delivery.  If a critical error is found, but not corrected, and you click next to proceed, you are presented with 3 options:

    • Cancel this wizard and make changes - Allows you to cancel the delivery wizard and make the necessary changes to your report.
    • Send a review report - Allows you to submit your report for review along with any comments you have entered to explain why the information in your report is correct.  This is the option to use if you need to obtain an override code in order to deliver your report.
    • Enter Review Override Code - Select this option if you have already submitted your report for review and you have received an override code.  Enter the override code in the provided field, and click Send to continue with the delivery wizard.

    Critical Error Options

  9. When you reach the Final Conversion Notes screen, review the details about what to expect after you click Send.  The rest of the delivery process is handled by software developed by FNC called the OADI Viewer, so this step is simply informational.  When you finish reviewing the information, click OADI Viewer.

    Final Conversion Notes

  10. After clicking OADI Viewer, the OADI Viewer opens.  Review your report in the OADI Viewer, and if everything is accurate, simply close the OADI Viewer and proceed to the next step.
  11. Once the OADI Viewer is closed, click Send

    Final Conversion Notes

  12. That's it!  Your report has been delivered to Metro‑West.