Delivery for Other Software

  TOTAL Connect Pro contract not required
  MISMO XML delivery from other formfillers supported
  Orders available through XSite and/or Mercury Network

If you haven't installed TOTAL Connect, click here for instructions.  Otherwise, to deliver your report to Got Appraisals from software without direct integration:

  1. Begin by generating a MISMO XML file from your formfilling software and save it to a convenient location on your computer (like your Windows desktop).  This is the same type of file that you create when delivering your report in UAD Compliant format.  If you're not sure how to do this, contact your formfilling software provider for assistance.
  2. Once you have generated your MISMO XML file, open TOTAL Connect by going to Start, [All] Programs, then expand the TOTAL Connect folder, and click TOTAL Connect to launch the program.  If you have a TOTAL Connect shortcut on your desktop, you can also double-click that to open the program.

    TOTAL Connect Shortcut

  3. When TOTAL Connect has loaded, click Tools on the upper left and select Deliver.


  4. Click Browse to locate the MISMO XML file you created in Step 1.  Once you've located the file, select it and click Open.

    Browse For MISMO XML File

  5. Click UAD Reader to launch the UAD reader and verify that the information in the XML and PDF Files are correct.  When you're finished, close the UAD Reader to return to the delivery wizard, and click Next to proceed.  Click here for the full UAD Reader User's Guide.

    Review XML File In UAD Reader

  6. In the Select delivery destination window, select DataCourier, and click Next.

    Select DataCourier

  7. TOTAL Connect runs a quick UARR review of your report before delivery.  If the UARR review finds any errors that are considered to be "critical," the Delivery Wizard notifies you.  Click Cancel to stop the delivery process and correct the error.  When the errors have been addressed, begin the delivery again.

    UARR Review

    If there are any errors or warnings:

  8. If there are no errors, or if you've reviewed the warnings and errors and determined that no changes are necessary, click Next to proceed.
  9. In the Delivery details dialog, enter the information relevant to your delivery:

  10. When you've entered all the necessary delivery information, click Send to deliver the message.