Vault Status Icons

TOTAL's Appraisal Desktop allows you to keep your reports in sync with Vault from inside TOTAL — providing peace of mind and making it easier to back up your data.  TOTAL improves what was in previous versions by displaying one of three status icons next to your files that updates in real time.  Here's what each status icon indicates:

The first icon is a cloud and lock icon.  This indicates that a file is secure and has been backed up to the Vault, and that both files are exactly the same and up to date.
The second icon is a cloud and clock icon.  This indicates that the file in your Appraisal Desktop is newer than the file stored in the Vault, and that it is scheduled to upload the next time Vault runs the automatic backup.  This icon typically appears when a report has been opened and a change has been saved since the last time it was uploaded.
The third icon is a cloud with an orange circle containing the letter i.  This indicates that the file in your Appraisal Desktop is older than the copy that is currently stored on the Vault.  The most common cause of this is if you have duplicate files in different folders, or if you’re manually sharing reports and working on the same report on different computers.
  If there is no icon for a specific file, this indicates that this file hasn’t been sent to the Vault.  If you want to upload this file, select it and click the Send to Vault button in the toolbar at the top.  This opens a window allowing you to either send the file now, or have it sent on your next scheduled upload to the Vault.

In addition to the Vault status icons, if a file hasn’t been uploaded to the Vault in at least the last thirty days, a notification is displayed to alert you.  Click the banner to return to the Vault section of TOTAL’s Configuration settings to adjust your automatic backup settings.  Keep in mind that even after you’ve adjusted the settings, this notification will continue to appear until the next time Vault runs the automatic backup, or until you select a file and manually send it to the Vault.