How to use SmartExchange
Click this video to see it in action!

SmartExchange allows you to share and exchange your comps grid data with your peers. Once you've joined, SmartExchange does the heavy lifting. Simply type an address in the grid exactly like you do now, and if a matching version is found, SmartExchange automatically fills out the grid with the data from the best version it finds.

If you haven't joined SmartExchange already, click Data in the menu on the upper left and select Join SmartExchange from the drop‑down menu. Then agree to the terms to get started.

Below you'll find a breakdown of each feature that is found in SmartExchange. Or, click here to read our SmartExchange FAQ.

A.  Show/Hide
Click this to show or hide additional versions of a property found by Smart Exchange. If no additional versions are found by SmartExchange, this button isn't available.
B.  Versions
A Version is defined as a property with all of its unique characteristics at a specific point in time. Each time a change is made to the details for a property (by you, a peer, or a data source), a new version is created. When SmartExchange finds a matching version, it displays the total number of versions that were found, as well as a breakdown of how many versions are from peers, and how many were found that belong to you.
C.  Move Left/Right, Copy, Delete, and Aerial
Move Left/Right:  Moves the current property (and its data) one position to the left or right.
Copy:  Creates an exact copy of the comp and adds it to the Side‑by‑Side grid.
Delete:  Clears all of the data for the current property.
Aerial:  Opens and displays a bird's eye view map of the property.
D.  Version/Type
Displays the version number and whether it is a peer version or your version. Versions with a green title bar indicate peer comps, while versions with a blue title bar indicate comps that are yours.
E.  Most Recent Comp
Indicates the "Magic Comp" or most recent comp that SmartExchange used to automatically fill out the grid.
F.  Use
Replaces the property in your report with the selected property. Any data that was entered in the grid for that property is replaced with the data from the version you chose to use.
If you want to copy data from a specific field in a matching version instead of replacing all of the property data, simply place your cursor in the desired field of that SmartExchange Version and press F2 on your keyboard to push the data from that field into your report.
G.  Property Data
The descriptions and data associated with a property. Use this information to compare against what is in your report. Any field containing data that doesn't match is highlighted in red.
SmartExchange doesn't display potential UAD warnings and errors. To view any potential warnings or errors, click the SmartAddress button in the toolbar.

How does TOTAL determine the "best version" for auto‑fill?

 If you're opted in

If you've opted in to SmartExchange, you have access to comparable data from any of your participating peers, as well as subjects and comps from your own Comps Database.

None of your subject data is ever uploaded to the SmartExchange servers. Only comparable data is uploaded and shared. Any subject data TOTAL uses to fill in your grid is either from your own Comps Database, or was used as a comparable by a participating peer appraiser.

 If you aren't opted in

If you decide not to opt in to SmartExchange, TOTAL only searches the Comps Database on your current computer.