Create QuickLists

You can create two kinds of QuickLists in TOTAL: single-field QuickLists and multi–field QuickLists.  Single–field QuickLists affect only the field you currently have selected.  Multi–field Quicklists, on the other hand, enter data into multiple fields simultaneously.


Create single-field QuickLists

To create a single-field QuickList entry:

  1. In the Forms PowerView, place your cursor in the field where you wish to create a QuickList entry, and type the text as you want it to appear.
  2. Double-click 0 <New> in the QuickList pane or click the Add icon  ( Add QuickList button ) .

  3. Adjust the QuickList Name for this entry (if needed) and click OK.

Your comment is added to the QuickList for this field.  Now, whenever you enter this field, the comment you saved appears in the QuickLists pane on the left.


Create multi-field QuickLists

If you ever have a large block of text that you don’t want to type again, here’s how using QuickLists can save you a lot of time.  This feature copies blocks of text, groups of fields, or even an entire page or form as a QuickList entry – reusable in lieu of cloning or a clever way to not retype a report.  To create a multi-field QuickList entry in TOTAL:

  1. Go to the form that has the fields or block of text you want to save.
  2. Make sure your QuickList panel is “on” and visible.  If you don't see the QuickList Pane, press F9 on your keyboard to toggle it on and off.
  3. Now, select the fields you want to include:

    Selected fields

    • If you want to select an entire page or form, place your cursor in the first field, scroll to the end, hold down your Shift key, and click into the last field (This highlights all of the fields in between).
    • If you just want a group of fields, simply click and drag your mouse to select them.
    • Another trick is to hold down the Ctrl key while you click each field to select multiple, non-sequential fields.
  4. Now, press 0 <New> or click the Add icon  ( Add QuickList button ) .
  5. Enter a QuickList Name for the entry, or leave the default name displayed. This is the description that appears in the QuickList panel to help you identify it when you want to use it in another report.

    QuickList Name

  6. Click OK.

Your new QuickList entry now appears in the QuickLists pane for the top-most field you selected.


Use QuickLists

To use a QuickList entry:

  1. Open an existing report or start a new one.
  2. Go to the field where you created your QuickList entry using the instructions above.

    QuickList Name

  3. Double-click the entry or press Alt + the number next to the entry to insert it into your form.  In our example, we'd press Alt + 1 to insert our QuickList entry.

The QuickList entry immediately fills out the current field with the data you saved into it.