Using HTML Code

Your site gives you the freedom to edit the HTML code of any page or XSellerate ad — giving you complete control over your content if you need it. To do so:

  1. In the Content Editor, click the HTML button (  ) in the toolbar at the bottom to switch to HTML Mode.
  2. Make any changes you need to make to your HTML code and click the Design button (  ) to see how it looks on your site.
  3. From here, edit the page as you would any other.  Be sure to click Save when you are through.  If your previous page had images, you may need to copy those over separately and re-link them.


Copying Data from Microsoft Word

Some web page editors, like Microsoft Word, add extraneous codes and tags to your web pages.  While these normally don't cause a problem in displaying the pages on their own, they can cause some odd results when they're pasted into existing HTML content pages.  To handle this, the editor has a few buttons that can help.

Paste from Word- This option pastes any content copied from Word into the editor, but first strips out any extraneous codes or tags.

Paste Plain Text - Often the safest option, this tool pastes in just the text you've copied.  Any codes or graphics are left out.

Paste HTML - This option pastes the actual HTML code into the editor.  It is rarely used.