User Management

Before you begin creating or modifying your campaigns and ads, take a few minutes to set up your user profile.  To update your user profile:

  1. Hover your cursor over My Office in the main toolbar and click User Management.
  2. Then, in the Login & E-mail Info section of your user profile, mark the option for the type of e-mail address you'd like to use for this account, either External or CertMail.

  3. Type your e-mail address in the E-mail Address text box.  If you're using an external address, make sure you include the complete domain name portion of the address (e.g.  If you're using a CertMail account, just type the name you'd like to use.  The account and CertMail mailbox are created automatically when you save the profile.
  4. Enter a password in the Password box and type in again in the Retype Password box.
  5. Skip the Mobile information sections as they do not apply to standalone copies of XSellerate.
  6. If you're creating a CertMail user, enter the full name of the user in the E-mail Friendly Name field.  This is the name that appears in the address field of messages sent from your CertMail account.
  7. In the Forwarding text box, enter any e-mail addresses to which you would like e-mails forwarded.  This is useful if you want to use a CertMail address as your public e-mail address, but use another mail server as your primary business tool.
  8. Select the Time Zone for this user from the drop-down menu and check the box to adjust for Daylight Savings if necessary.
  9. Skip the TXT notifications option as it does not apply to standalone copies of XSellerate.
  10. In the User Information section, fill out as much contact information as you like.  Items marked with red asterisks are required.

  11. Click the Change link to upload a picture of this user.
  12. To create a detailed, custom-formatted information page about this user, click Change next to Bio Text.  The Content Editor opens.  From here you can type data, using the rich word processing commands found in the buttons, or copy and paste your text from any word processor.  Click OK when you're finished.  For more information on the tools available in this Page Content Editor, see the Content Editor section of this user's guide.
  13. Finally, click Save to update your profile.