Search and filters

Rather than scrolling through countless files, and clicking back and and forth between pages to find the file(s) you're looking for, use the search bar and filters in the Orders view to quickly narrow down the list of files displayed to a specific client, appraiser, or period of time — such as the last 30 days, the current year, a previous year, or search all time to search every order that has ever been entered. To search for an order

  1. Log in to and go to the Orders tab on the upper right.
  2. Select the field you want to use for your search from the Fields drop‑down menu. Options include:

  3. Place your cursor in the search bar and enter your search criteria. Then, press Enter or click the search icon (  ) in the search bar to perform the search. Any orders that contain your search criteria are displayed on the right.

Once the search is complete, use filters to narrow or expand your search: