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UAD Field By Field in a URAR

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UAD Field By Field in a URAR
This video walks you through ALL of the UAD-impacted fields of the URAR. Our implementation of the UAD features is superb, but there are confusing parts of the GSE rules. In fact, most of the questions we get have little, if anything, to do with the software. This video helps bring clarity to those confusing parts.

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Property Addresses   County   Assessor's Parcel Number(s)
Tax Year, Real Estate Taxes   Neighborhood Name   Occupant
Special Assessments   PUD Checkbox   HOA Fees
Assignment Type   Lender/Client   Subject Sale and Listing History
I Did/Did Not Analyze the Contract   Contract Price   Date of Contract
Is the Property Seller The Owner of Public Record?   Is There Any Financial Assistance...   Neighborhood Characteristics and One-Unit Housing Trends
Neighborhood Boundaries   Area   View (subject)
Utilities   Street/Alley   # of Stories
Design(style)   Year Built   Basement Area Finished (subject)
Heating/Cooling   Amenities   Car Storage, Driveway, Garage, Carport
Above Grade Rooms   Bathroom Counts   Gross Living Area
Rating Condition for the Subject   Proximity To Subject   Sale Price
Data Source   Sale or Financing Concessions   Date Of Sale
Location   Site   View (comps)
Quality Of Construction   Actual Age   Rating Condition (comps)
Above Grade Room Count, Gross Living Area   Basement and Finished Rooms Below Grade   Energy Efficient Items
Garage/Carport   Adjustments   My Research Did/Did Not Reveal...
Date of Prior Sale/Transfer   Price of Prior Sale/Transfer   Data Sources, Effective Date of Data Sources for Prior Sales
Indicated Values   This Appraisal is Made As Is, Subject To Completion...   My Opinion of the Market Value Is...
Date of Inspection and Effective Date of Appraisal   State Certification # or License #   Expiration Date of Certification or License
Lender/Client Name (AMC Name Field)        

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