Log in to Vault

The Vault stores all of your files in a protected online account so that you can access your files 24/7 from any location where you have Internet access.  This off-site storage method is what makes the Vault so safe and secure, but it also allows for additional convenience.  For instance, you could grant Vault access to your staff appraisers so that everyone can collectively access the Vault files online even if you’re all working from remote locations.  You can access your online Vault account in two ways.

Through Your Appraiser XSite

If you’re using an Appraiser XSite with your Vault account, you can log in to Vault directly through your Appraiser XSite.  Or, if you need other staff members to be able to access your Vault account, you can grant them easy access to the Vault through your Appraiser XSite so that you don’t have to hand out your Username and Password to every staff member.

To log into your Vault account through your Appraiser XSite or grant Vault access to another staff member:

  1. Log into your Appraiser XSite as the administrator and click Vault in the main toolbar at the top of the screen to access your account.



    If you've forgotten your Username and Password or if you're unsure about how to log in to your Appraiser XSite, you can retrieve your credentials and login instructions at http://www.alamode.com/configurepassword/default.aspx.

  2. If, you need to grant Vault access to other staff members, hover your cursor over My Office in the main toolbar and then click User Management in the toolbar that drops down.
  3. Create or edit a user profile for the person you wish to grant access to.
  4. Check the Vault box in the User Privileges section at the bottom of the screen and save the profile.

Your staff members can now log into your Appraiser XSite and click Vault in the main toolbar at the top to access your Vault account as well.

Through the Vault Website

Of course, even without an Appraiser XSite you can easily access your Vault account through the Vault’s online web portal.

To access Vault without an XSite:

  1. Click here to log in to the Vault website, or go to www.alamode.com/vault and click Log in on the upper right.
  2. Enter your Username and Password in the fields provided and click OK to log in.  If you’ve forgotten your login credentials, click the Forgot Password? link to retrieve them.