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Draw Interior Walls

Drawing interior walls is similar to drawing exterior walls.

  1. In a sketch, click the down arrow beside the Draw button in the toolbar or select the Draw panel at the right side of the screen and select Interior Walls. Or, if you're already in Draw mode, hit the I key on your keyboard to select Interior Walls.

  2. Click your sketch to place a starting point for your new interior wall.
  3. Using the keypad or numbers across the top of your keyboard, enter the length (in feet) of the line and then hit the arrow reflecting the direction of the line. As necessary, you can tap the directional arrows on your keyboard to nudge the placement of the end point for your line to fine tune its placement.

    Note: If you're placing a diagonal line, you simply enter the rise and direction followed by the run and direction (or vice-versa) before placing the line. For instance, if you want to enter a rise of 4 ft up and a run of 3 ft right, you'd type 4, up, 3, right, Enter to place the line.

  4. When the line is set, hit Enter on your keyboard to set the line.
  5. Repeat this process for any additional walls.

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